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Email 1
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
Eerie "Soulmate Reading" For [[FIRSTNAME]]...
Email Body


I had a wave of goosebumps come over me as I read your name in an email that my good friend Gabriel sent me earlier today…

He had an eerie suspicion that you were in desperate need of guidance in your love life based on recent months and asked me to send you this email…

"Is [[FIRSTNAME]] doing alright??", He asked...

I can sense something powerful brewing…

Transformational energy surrounding [[FIRSTNAME]]  love life that will be focused into one of two directions very soon…I know it sounds a little odd, but he decided to put together a personalized reading for you..

>> Click Here To See What Gabriel Wrote About You…


P.S. Warning: you’ll find some incredibly intimate and personal information in this reading.

>>> So proceed with an open mind and heart.

Email 2
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
A Startling Prediction About [[FirstName’s]] Soulmate
Email Body

Oh my [[FIRSTNAME]],

I’ve got something very exciting to share with you today.

Spiritual guides have delivered an important message about your love life (and soulmate!) that you absolutely must hear right away…

Receive your personalized soulmate message here [[FIRSTNAME]] 

You see dear, you deserve to be completely happy and in love with your partner but for some reason you may not be right now.

And your guides have vital information to help realign you on your path, so you can live your best life today!

[[FIRSTNAME]]'s Soulmate Reading (Must Access Today)...

This is, literally, the closest thing you’ll ever find to seeing your soulmates future!

Maybe not see all the way to the very end (I mean... that wouldn’t be much fun if you knew EVERYTHING)...

But, instead just see a few steps ahead... so you could easily live your best life with them holding you and making life exciting every single day from now on! 

==> Just visit this page right here to reveal your Soulmate [[FIRSTNAME]]!


Email 3
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
[[firstname]]'s Soulmate [Picture Inside] 📸
Email Body

There's a Picture of Your REAL Soulmate on this website [[firstname]]... 

Do you recognize them? 

I was skeptical when I got mine... But now that I did, I wouldn't hesitate one second.

This is just too good [[firstname]]. You have to see this

This is the clearest picture of your true soulmate that you will ever obtain anywhere. Straight from beyond... 

Let me know if it's who you thought it was when you see this

Sign Off

Email 4
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
Are you ignoring your soulmate [[firstname]]?
Email Body

You might be making a BIG mistake [[firstname]].

Your soulmate could be right under your nose without you knowing...

Or you could be with the WRONG person... Wasting time with someone you're not really meant to be with.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a magic crystal ball and be able to see the face of your one true love inside of it?

If you want to KNOW who he is [[firstname]]...

Master Gabriel can show you exactly what your ultimate soulmate looks like

Just be careful though, because you may be very surprised

It might not be the one that you think it is....

==> Find Out What Your Ultimate Soulmate Looks Like

Sign Off

Email 5
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
FWD: From the Universe for [[firstname]]
Email Body

This is extremely unusual, [[firstname]]

I’ve received a message from beyond, specifically about your soulmate

Someone or something seems to be trying to block you from receiving this urgent guidance

You’ve been missing countless signals that the universe is sending you

Luckily, our souls have crossed path, my beloved

And I can relay those messages to you…

Please find the messages that you missed enclosed. 

To your spiritual enlightenment,

Sign Off

Email 6
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
[[firstname]]’s personal messages [[TODAYS_DATE]]
Email Body

My dear [[firstname]],

I’ve been called to tell you something vital to your love life, and future...

The universe has been trying to send you messages lately [[firstname]],

Messages that could CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

But you haven’t heard them, YET…

Allow me to be your middle-man dear beloved spirit:

Receive your soulmate guidance today [[firstname]]...

Sign Off

Email 7
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
📝 NOTE Regarding Friend's love life
Email Body

My beloved [[firstname]], love is blind - you owe it to yourself to be careful of WHO you're spending your life with. 


Who you will choose to become your next life partner. 

You can't remain uncertain all your life. You need confirmation my dear... 

It is now possible to get an amazingly sharp picture of your TRUE soulmate

It's scary, I know [[firstname]]. But... What if you chose the wrong person? 

There's only one way to know for sure. You must verify here. 

To infinite love and abundance, 

Sign Off

P.S. It does not matter if you're looking to know what your true soulmate looks like or if you need to validate your current relationship. The Soulmate Reading team will provide you the definitive answer. But, they are extremely busy. Reserve as soon as possible [[firstname]]

Email 8
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
An Intimate Love Reading For [[firstname]]
Email Body

Earlier today a powerful energy swept over me...

... it was sudden, and extremely intense 

Then I began to make out the name [[FIRSTNAME]] being repeated along with the name of somebody else! And it came with an intense vision of that person. 

Now, I don't know exactly what is going on in your love life….

But, what I do sense you’re much closer to your one TRUE love than you think...

Go here now to receive this mysterious reading 

To Magic & Love,


P.S. My advice is NOT to wait on this, [[FIRSTNAME]].

Let love enter your life and visit this link right now.

Email 9
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
✨ This is personal. But you need to see it, [[firstname]]
Email Body

Are your eyes opened, [[firstname]]?!? 

For your entire life, the Universe has been trying to connect you with your soulmate...

But, I sense you're not seeing the signs and you could use a helping hand to get rivers of PURE love to enter your life...

Maybe even a few MIRACLES to guide you into meeting the person you’re truly meant to be with...

So, if you are ready to find out who your one true love REALLY is…

>>> Just follow this link to reveal who they are...


Email 10
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
I have personal information about [[firstname]] 🤫
Email Body

So I had a strange intuition today when I got an email about this unusual report...

And it kind of blew my mind...

[[firstname]], are you ready to learn about who you should be with in your life right now?

I know this is kinda unusual, but...

This personalized Soulmate Connection Guide will show you who you should be with to fulfill your relational destiny…

And it’s all based on universal energy transmutation.

>>> This reveals the choice you should make now

I had goosebumps when I received my personalized soulmate connection guide...

Let me know what you think!



Email 11
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
Will [[firstname]] burst into tears?
Email Body

This is no ordinary email [[firstname]].... 

Your soulmate is hiding on the other side of it... 

Don't believe me? Well, you're about to be shocked. 

When I saw this picture. It was like a vision from beyond has been delivered to me. 

All I could do was shed a tear of joy. 

Finally, my doubt was gone.... 

If you feel ready emotionally [[firstname]]... I highly recommend you take a look at this too.

Sign Off

Email 12
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
It's finally over my dear [[firstname]]...
Email Body

Loneliness and dark days... without my one true love. 

I can remember it like it was yesterday. 

Oh my [[firstname]]... 

Things turned around quickly. You will never be able to guess why! 

Unless you see this...

This is just too amazing. I'm speechless... Check it out. 

Sign Off

Email 13
Subject Lines
Subject 1:
[[firstname]]’s Love Confirmation Enclosed...
Email Body

This is the end of it [[firstname]]... but this is also where it begins. 

What you're about to see is truly astonishing 

Your soulmate may be right before your very eyes. 

But how do you know WHO that person REALLY is.... 

I mean how do you know for sure?!?!? 

Your confirmation is right here... 

But don't wait, it's critical that you get this picture right now. 

Otherwise you may be wasting some precious time with the WRONG person. 

I certainly want to help you avoid making that mistake my dear. 

Just proceed and visit this special page. It was created just for you. 

I'll see you on the other side... 

With love, 

Sign Off


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