{FIRSTNAME}, you are ruled by the very last sign of the zodiac, Pisces!

Naturally, you are very healing. Just your very presence does this to people, even if you do not realize it. 

Even though you’re highly intuitive yourself, you can lack clarity and have a hard time making decisions. This may be attributed to your mutable, flowy nature — but I’m here to tell you that if you follow your heart and your own intuition, your future is very bright. 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to be grounded in this reality because there are much more dreamy, compassionate realms that make you feel good than the harsh reality that’ experienced here on Earth. 

I can tell that you would much rather be taking a nap or daydreaming, connecting to the astral realms that surround you — and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, your supernatural abilities are directly connected to the dream, spirit realm and supported by your modern planetary ruler, Neptune. 

Traditionally, your planetary ruler is Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and luck. Beautiful, bountiful blessings can easily make their way into your life if you tap into your natural state — which is dreamy, healing, and flowy. 

Now, I know that sounds confusing, but trust me — I can see your future! 

You need to value and trust yourself more, {FIRSTNAME}. Currently, you let too many people drain your energy without reciprocating. Some of the friends you have only use you for your healing presence, but never give you anything back. 

When you start recognizing your presence is something of value, you will begin to redirect your energy towards things and people that make you feel good. 

In the future, I can see you becoming a great healer of humanity and using your psychic abilities for good! Even though Neptune can blur the lines of reality a bit, when you move towards your intuition, everything will be taken care of! 

You’ll soon realize that clarity does not come from what you see right in front of you, but from what you feel. So don’t hide your sensitive nature and don’t start shrinking yourself or your dreams. 

Everything that you ever wanted is right on the other side of you taking your power back!


As an Aquarius, you are truly very special, {FIRSTNAME}…

You are ruled by two planets — traditionally Saturn and modernly Uranus — giving you a wide range of energies to tap into and utilize to your advantage in the near future. 

More than other people, you have an innate ability to see into the future just like I can, {FIRSTNAME}. As an Aquarius, you’re connected to the Universe itself and all that is. 

Your soul came here to usher humanity into the future where love and light beings just like yourself are the future. 

It can be difficult to want to be here. I can feel this internal struggle that you have with your soul and the reality that surrounds you. Being so connected to what the future holds, but trying to make people understand you in this present moment is a ture challenge. 

However, the lesson here is that you’re not supposed to explain yourself, {FIRSTNAME}. You came here to take inspired action towards creating the future that you would wish to see for all of humanity. 

You’re a true innovator, motivator, and rebel with Uranus supporting you in activating the individuality in yourself and everyone around you. Saturn’s traditional energy also forces you to be very practical in how you can bring your futuristic visions to life in this very reality now. 

{FIRSTNAME}, it’s people like you that give the world hope. As the water bearer of the zodiac, you understand that looking forward and keeping your head up is very replenishing in itself and never let anything keep you down for too long. 

I can see that your future’s SO bright because you pour so much of your time and energy into healing others and helping others reach their potential. Through your natural giving nature, the abundance that you’re seeking makes its way to you much faster than you would have ever imagined! 

Please lean into your humanitarian energy and follow your soul’s divine path, {FIRSTNAME}. THe world really needs you — heck, you need you to do what your soul came here to accomplish. This is the only way that you’ll be able to create the life that you truly want to live.

 With your immaculate mind and futuristic ideas, you will reach your full potential!


As a Capricorn, life hasn’t been the easiest, {FIRSTNAME}, but your future looks much, much brighter. 

I can feel the pain that you’ve had to endure in your lifetime so far. My heart aches as I know that you had to assume a very responsible role in your life at an early age, almost robbing you of the childhood that would have connected you to the light within — to your inner child. 

However, Saturn (your ruling planet) teaches us that through responsibility, discipline, and time management, you can achieve anything. These are your strengths and the more that you lean into your structured nature, the more time you will get to explore what connection feels like in the future. 

I can see years and years ahead into a period of life that is blissful, full of meaningful connections, and you’re doing what you love! As the true boss that you are, you’re running your own company and helping to build a legacy that will last lifetimes! 

You hold true wisdom within you, {FIRSTNAME}. Since your childhood hasn’t always been easy, you now have to work twice as hard as others to create time and space for you to explore your emotional world and what lights you up. 

Through that experience, you know that you never want to impose that on other people and it’s really made you into a giving, nurturing person that helps people truly shine their unique light from within. 

Many people cannot read that you’re actually a pretty sensitive person because you’re so good at hiding your emotions to protect yourself, but I can feel that you’re longing for true connections. 

{FIRSTNAME}, let me reassure you that your soul family, friends, and loved ones are making their way to you the more that you learn to express the most authentic version of yourself. Just as you’re seeking them, they are seeking you, too! But you have to be yourself freely for them to recognize you. 

Your leadership skills are the spark needed by any community you belong to and they will ignite a blast of knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment.

So be that spark, {FIRSTNAME}, because the world needs you now more than ever…


{FIRSTNAME}, you’re a wild one! I can feel your future free spirit beckoning you, inviting you into the next phase of your life where you truly step into your potent Sagittarius nature. 

As a Sagittarius, you naturally have an animalistic side to you that wishes to be integrated into your life. Literally, the symbol that represents your sign is the centaur, which is half man, half beast — and this is your superpower to explore as you begin to create the bright future that I see ahead. 

{FIRSTNAME}, you have a true calling for doing good in the world. I see that you want to show everyone that it’s okay to let yourself run free at times, but also the strength that it takes to rebalance your life to reach your true goals. 

Not everyone is as strong or as lucky as you, {FIRSTNAME}. The planet that rules over the sign Sagittarius is Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance, and expansion. Naturally, this energy supports you in all of your endeavors and plays a big part in you tapping into your bright, abundant, higher self. 

You are destined to make a big impact on the lives of others, {FIRSTNAME}. When you begin to follow the beat of your own drum like I see you doing in your near future, you will start to realize that the Universe has always supported your wanderlust because it wants you to touch as many lives as you can in this lifetime from all over the world. 

With your strong belief in humanity, equality, freedom of speech and choice, and balance, you can become an inspiration. You’re a true master teacher, but first and foremost you realize that you’re a student of life and remain open to so many beautiful experiences! 

I really hope that you begin to notice and share your creativity and playfulness with others. This will inspire people from all over the world to just be themselves, too! And these are the soul traits you use to build relationships and communities around you.

If you begin to respect your natural Jupiterian flow of energy, your future is full of travel, love, wealth, and more abundance than you even know what to do with!


{FIRSTNAME}, being a Scorpio gives you immense influence in this human experience and you need to use it to your advantage!  

Fun fact: did you know that the most world leaders are actually Scorpios as well?

I can see into your bright future and you’re happily assuming the leadership role. No, that doesn’t mean that you necessarily enjoy the spotlight, but you’re a leader at heart because you hate having other people tell you what to do. 

The fact of the matter is that when I tap into your energetic field to see what you’ve experienced and what your future holds, I can feel that you have strong psychic abilities, {FIRSTNAME}! Scorpio’s have an innate intuition that just won’t let any fallacies slide. 

You have a great detector for lies, mistruths, and those who should be eliminated from your life — but that’s because you’ve had to learn a lot of hard lessons about learning to trust yourself first over others. 

It’s unformatue that you’ve had to deal with betrayals in the past, but your ruling planet Mars gives you the gumption to move forward (even though sometimes you’d like to unleash your personal wrath on them). 

Let me tell you — if you can learn to trust the Universe to handle your light work, you can use your energy more constructively. It’s time to take your power back now, not later because if you start planting your powerful seeds today, your future is going to blossom! 

To be specific, you’ll have more wealth, abundance, and love flowing freely into your life than ever before. I can feel the happiness exuding from your future self when I tap into your energy and it’s because you decided to trust your gut feelings and follow them before anyone else. 

This has led you on a path to your own divine, spiritual happiness where the Universe has provided for you all of your needs and much more! Remember, it’s more than okay for you to assume the leadership role in your life, {FIRSTNAME}. With Scoprio’s fixed energy, you’re not meant to follow anyone else but yourself and your own beliefs. 

The Universe wouldn’t have supplied you with that energy if it wasn’t meant for you to harness it and use it to your advantage!


Oh my goodness, {FIRSTNAME}, you have such a beautiful future ahead of you when you step into your true Libra nature. 

Quite literally, I’ve never seen a future that’s been so pleasing to look into. All of my senses were engaged from my taste, to my smell, and wow… the site was something like I’ve never seen before. 

I can tell that you enjoy the finer things in life. And since your ruling planet is Venus, not only do you easily attract them, but you are here to teach others that their divine birthright is that of luxury and beauty. 

As an air sign, you should know that your mind is your most powerful asset, {FIRSTNAME}. You’re a master manifestor and everything starts in your mind. 

Another superpower of yours is your mouthpiece as well! Charisma flows freely through your veins, making it easy for you to connect with others and truly help them shine their light, too! 

If you study your zodiac sign’s element, air, you will notice that it’s the most noticeable when it’s combined with another element. For instance, the wind can actually be seen rustling through a tree’s earthy leaves. This is a lesson from nature that you can reach your highest potential when you partner with other people with other elements in the zodiac! 

In the future, I can tell that you use the power of Venus to help others connect to their heart centers, see their inner beauty, and shine brightly to create a world that keeps love at the core of everything.

You’re here to raise the vibration of the entire planet, {FIRSTNAME}! When you finally make those meaningful connections, it is powerful.

The passion behind everything you do inspires others to act the same. Keep following your heart and your head and body will not be far behind! In this way, manifesting the life that you want to live will be easy for you — trust me, I can see you living a life of luxury! 

It is only when you realize your true superpowers from within that you will achieve true happiness and satisfaction in your life by creating it yourself rather than waiting on others to give it to you.


As a Virgo, you are here to truly do something special in this lifetime, {FIRSTNAME}! 

Mercury, the ruling planet of your zodiac sign, influences you and energizes you with it’s magic. Mercury is the planet of thinking and communication, creating a true intellectual superpower.

The best part about being an Earth sign that’s also connected to the mind is that you have the innate ability to feel, speak, and act from the heart, {FIRSTNAME}. You’re truly the whole package and came here to make some big changes. 

And while some might find Virgos as cold people, it couldn’t be further from the truth. I can see how warmhearted you are. Although you may be a little introverted, that’s all for a reason. 

You came here to serve humanity in a big way. Your intentions are pure, just like the virgin that represents your zodiac sign. You don’t waste time with shallow, meaningless pursuits. If something does not have potential, you would rather work on something or with someone who does. 

Even if you don’t feel that you’ve reached your own potential yet, I’m here to reassure you that you will surpass even your very own high expectations. Your desire for well-done things, your extreme attention to detail, your knack for perfection derives from the passion you have for every project you take on. 

That will all pay off, {FIRSTNAME}, I promise you that! 

You can take on anything: to research, learn, and master anything you become passionate about with the power of Mercury behind you. You do it with such grace and ease that those around you often feel jealous. 


n’t take that to heart too much. With the world-changing mission you came here to accomplish, you can only expect some people to not fully understand — and that’s okay! 

{FIRSTNAME}, you are one of the most potent signs of the Zodiac. It’s like nothing can stop you…


You are a strong one, {FIRSTNAME}! As a Leo, you have the courage of a lion and a mighty roar to match! It’s in your nature to express yourself, but that’s not all…

The future that your guides are revealing to me is as bright as the Sun, the ruling planet of Leo. If you can find your unique creative expression, you will literally attract any and everything that you want. 

Just as our entire solar system revolves around the Sun, you have the ability to have the world revolve around you as well! 

The job you want…it can be yours. 

The financial freedom you want…it can be yours. 

The loving friends that you want…it can be yours. 

All you must do is be you and be you unapologetically! 

Having the Sun’s influence encourages you to use your fiery energy to pave your own way and shine your unique light. No one is you, no one can be you, and your innovation is going to change the world, {FIRSTNAME}! 

What a powerful combination! What a powerful soul you are!

You yearn for new experiences, for vast and in-depth knowledge, for new people in your life, and sometimes… for a bit of spice in your romantic life as well.

So, {FIRSTNAME}, you need to pay attention

As with everything else in your life, there’s not much room for compromise here…

Leo is a fixed sign, so when you have your mind set on something there’s not much that can change it. This brings great strength, persistence, and determination behind your ideas! 

You are a leader. Your charismatic nature makes everyone admire you, follow you, listen to your advice, and get inspired by you.

And while you enjoy being praised most of the time, it also frustrates you when others don’t step up and keep asking for guidance.

That’s why, {FIRSTNAME}, I encourage you to practice patience — especially in these upcoming months. Not everyone is a natural leader, and some never try to be. That’s why you incarnated here — to take the lead in these unprecedented times. 

Just as not everyone is supposed to be able to tell the future like I can, I stepped into my role and it’s helped touch many lives. I have the same intuitive feeling for you!


You are a very special, psychic sign — the crabby Cancer. 

Just kidding, {FIRSTNAME}! I know that you hate to be called sensitive, but I really encourage you to embrace this super power. Cancers are ruled by the Mother Moon, the ruler of emotions, and facilitator of the constant ebbs and flows of energy that we all interact with on a collective level. 

Yes, {FIRSTNAME}, you are very powerful, indeed! 

Sensitivity is nothing more than being in tune with your senses. There’s nothing wrong with that! 

In fact, I can see in your future that you are going to unlock your intuitive abilities and level up your entire life once you stop letting others tell you something different when you already know the truth. 

The fact of the matter is that you don’t need proof of how you know things, {FIRSTNAME}. The Universe gave you this supernatural ability to tap into the energies surrounding you to give you and only you the information you need to move forward on your divine soul path. 

You are a special breed, {FIRSTNAME}. You have the innate talent in cultivating, nurturing, and helping heal and grow things, whether that be a passion project or the people that surround you. 

Your future is mighty bright if you can hone in on these skills to give when you feel called to — not just because you feel obligated to

And know this above everything else, {FIRSTNAME}, you deserve love, too! And your future is overflowing with heart centered connections! Your soulful and empathic nature allows you to sense what others are feeling and the best part is that you will meet others that can do the same for you. 

You’ll begin to notice that your blessings will flow in when you begin to take care of yourself, your needs just as you take care of everyone around you.


{FIRSTNAME}, as a Gemini, you have so much to offer to the collective. You’re a natural student and teacher of life, reflecting the duality of the Gemini symbol: the twins. 

Also, having Mercury as your ruling planet gives you the lightning quick mind to scan, search, and find what resonates with your soul. 

It can feel like lifetimes before you meet that right person or that right thing that  actually catches your attention and peaks your curious mind. 

Trust me, I understand…I’ve encountered quite a few Geminis on my soul’s journey as well — but none of them have had a future as bright as yours is shining right now. 

You are one unique being, {FIRSTNAME}! Gemini’s are naturally playful, creatie, and have amazing social skills…

But YOU bring all of these qualities to the table and more. Your future self has the innate ability to express itself, it’s unique ideas, and make a real impact on everyone around you. 

I can see that you’ve begun to understand the Law of Attraction on a whole different level. Because you were desiring abundance so much in your past, you decided to release the stress of working so hard for that and focused on being your true self. 

Surprise, surprise… everything else flowed to you when you began to realize who you truly were. What lies ahead is fun, love, and wealth in many different forms from freedom to finances as well! 

You are a free spirit, and no ties could ever hold you down — not back then, now, or even in your abundant future.


{FIRSTNAME}, you are literally the embodiment of the spirit as a Taurus. Many people — including yourself — do not realize how amazing and beautiful your life can be when you tap into your true sensuality. 

No, I do not mean “sexual” sensuality either (although that is also very helpful to get familiar with in this human experience because it’s directly related to the beautiful process of creation). 

I mean tapping into all of your senses, {FIRSTNAME}. 

If you learn how to use your body as the true vessel that it was always meant to be, you’ll be able to decipher the language that your soul is trying to communicate with. 

In your very near future, I can see you connecting back to the body through yoga and grounding exercises. As an Earth sign, it’s always been important for you to stay grounded, but that doesn’t always mean materially or financially. 

The material world is simply the physical world that you wish to connect to and help others connect to with your natural Venus energy of love and abundance. 

The love that you’ve been longing for is making its way to you in so many forms — from the soul friends and family that are attracted to your inner beauty to the passions that light your heart up and rake in more abundance than you could have even imagined. 

I can see it now, {FIRSTNAME}! My body is buzzing from the high frequencies rushing through it when I tap into your energetic field. 

You are the magic pebble — or better said, a boulder with your strong bull energy — that can create the most wonderful ripple effects in the Universe, {FIRSTNAME}. Your persistence and determination will inspire others to stay true to their course if you can stay true to yours now. 

The future is bright for you and all of your needs will be met!


{FIRSTNAME}, you’re a natural born leader. I didn’t even have to use my supernatural psychic abilities to be able to feel that fierce, fiery energy from here. 

Because you are an Aries, you naturally are the initiator in your life and to those around you. Sometimes, I can tell that you get down on yourself because you like to start things but don’t necessarily have the patience to always see them all through. 

I can also feel the sadness that comes over you when you realize that you might’ve channeled your fiery energy into something that you think didn’t work in your favor, leaving you feeling burnt out. 

Well, let me tell you, {FIRSTNAME}, the Universe is always working in your favor. Mars energy surrounds you since that’s Aries’ ruling planet, giving you a passion and lust for life. 

In your future, I can see that you never get tired of doing what your soul is called to do…but you just have to trust that you will get there in divine timing. 

You have incarnated to lead others in this lifetime, {FIRSTNAME}. You are very charismatic and inspire others around you, especially with your new and innovative ideas. The future you trusts that with every new spout of inspiration, only the best outcome will come from it. 

And that’s the truth! You must start incorporating that high frequency belief into your life now. This change in perspective will boost your natural cardinal energy and have you excited to wake up each morning again.

Failure is not an option — it was never an option. As an Aries, there’s no way that you can fail when you trust the Universe to catch you when you take that leap into your latest endeavour. 

Beautiful, bountiful blessings are making their way to you if you assume and maintain your mastery as a trailblazer, delgatory, and head of collaborative efforts. 

If you do these three things well, you’ll be able to inspire MANY people, {FIRSTNAME}, and your life will have an immense influence on humanity.