Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune tells me you’ve dated or connected with many kinds of people and don’t demonstrate a pattern that indicates one particular type. Unfortunately, they’ve mostly turned out to be duds. This card indicates a series of unfortunate events that feels a lot like bad luck. Perhaps you’ve met the right person at the wrong time or just when you were about to fall in love the other person backs out.

The challenge for you is sitting still. When you’re single, you must take the time to understand the lessons learned from previous experiences so that you can narrow down what it is you want in a person and what you hope to get from a relationship. It is also necessary to build your confidence and be clear on what you bring to the table. 

The Wheel of Fortune also indicates destiny. It is the card of karmic life cycles and indicates that you are so close to getting what you want if you trust in life and destiny. There are relationship patterns in your lineage that need to be broken. It’s possible others in your family have fallen into unhappy relationships and it is your job to end the cycle here and now by finding your soulmate.

It is important that you remain optimistic. The Wheel of Fortune resembles a compass. And the needle will follow your dominant mood and belief systems. When you feel good, you will attract good people. If you feel negative, you will attract people or reflect that negativity.

Go with the flow, trust the process, and when destiny presents you with an opportunity to find your soulmate, you must not hesitate. You are being divinely guided to the person that is meant for you. Will you trust in the Universe?