The World – Placements Correction

The World card represents completion, travel, and things coming full circle. This tells me that you may have unknowingly met your soulmate, that they will come from a different country, or that you will meet them somewhere far from home.

This also tells me they will be well-traveled, financially stable, and trustworthy. They know what they want and they want nothing more than you. Together, you will explore the world, expand your philosophies, and will mentally stimulate each other. Your soulmate enjoys witty banter as much as you and is always ready to engage in a deep conversation. They love your presence and feel like a lover and best friend.

I sense that this person will make you feel like all the lessons (and people) you had to go through before meeting them, were worth it. Who you became as a result of being with the wrong people has made you who you are. And who you are is perfectly compatible with your soulmate.

Your person is also well-educated but not so much so that they are stuck in their ways. They are always learning and growing and ready to challenge their own beliefs. They see life as an adventure and are waiting to find you, their perfect adventure buddy. 

I sense that your soulmate is most likely %signplacements%. Their appearance will be unique and they will have a standout style. Their features are soft and poetic like their demeanor.

Your attraction will feel instantaneous and you’ll want to rush, but there will be natural ease to it. Both of you will approach it sensibly because you’ll want to do things right this time. And you will. They have the best of intentions and will honor the trust you put in them

The World card does warn of delays, indicating that you may be hesitant to do what it takes to find your soulmate. This tells me you hope they magically appear, but in reality, you must attract them through deep belief and inspired action.