The Magician

Your soulmate is being represented by the Magician–the number one major arcana card. This is significant for many reasons and tells me that the relationship the two of you will share is unique. The energy reads like a power couple. You will boost each other’s lives emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually, and physically. As a dynamic duo, you will complement each other’s qualities flawlessly.

I sense that your soulmate is an Air sign with Earth sign placements. They are tall, slender, and have dark features. They carry themselves with confidence but pay no mind to the attention or approval of others. When they are with the one they love, it is their opinion that matters to them most.

You will be a source of inspiration for your soulmate. The two of you could talk for hours and teach each other a lot. You’ve had contrasting life experiences and it pulls you closer together. There is a deep sense of appreciation and interest the two of you will share. 

Your soulmate is well-educated and also has a good deal of street smarts. They tend to be a source of inspiration and information for others and may be an educator or influencers. The Magician indicates that they excel at pretty much everything they attempt. They are humble but it is important for them to impress you and receive your praises.

I can see that your soulmate is extremely helpful, kind, and reliable. They make it well-known to you fairly quickly that you can turn to them whenever you need. No situation is too much for them. Their adaptable nature makes you feel safe and seen. Your perfect partner sees so much of your potential, even aspects that you may not have picked up on yet. But they love you for exactly who you are right now.

The Magician invites you to try something new. If you want to find the soulmate that awaits you now, it’s time to think out of the box and take action. If what you’ve been doing isn’t working in finding successful connections that blossom into meaningful relationships, it’s time to hit the drawing board. New ideas and opportunities will be presented to you that directly guide you toward your soulmate. You just have to be willing to trust and take action. The magician is all about finding success by thinking outside of the box.