The Lover

What is sweeter than the Lover’s card? This connection is coming fast and will completely sweep you off of your feet. The both of you will fall fast and will fall hard. Like something from a romance novel, the passion and emotions will be intense and hard to resists. It will take a minute for you to get your bearings but it is safe to enjoy the honeymoon phase.

It seems both of you will enjoy the connection but won’t expect to be a lasting romance–except it turns out the passion will be supported by shared values, common interests, and natural compatibility. This love will take you both by surprise. But you’re ready for it.

I sense that your soulmate is a Water sign with many Water and Air sign placements. They are natural romantics but of the sincere sort. Their eyes will particularly stand out to you. Once you’ve locked their gaze you won’t be able to turn away.

But this isn’t just the emotional energy you share, the Lover’s card indicates perfect harmony, yin-yang, divine masculine, and the divine feminine, the perfect union. On all matters, you both seek balance and value the perspective, ideas, and input of the other. You compliment each other beautifully and unlike the relationships of the past, your partner never feels or makes you feel like a burden. You will never be too much for them nor will you feel overwhelmed by them.

The Lover’s card displays an angelic being looking down on them from the heavens, this indicates divine intervention. A spiritual source is what brings you two together, aiding in your connection. It also tells me you are both spiritually inclined and feel a deep closeness to source, God, or the Universe. This will play an important role in your union.

With the Lover’s card, there is a chance that your soulmate is someone you’ve loved before, even as just a friend. Similarly, if you are meeting for the first time, they feel very familiar to you. Their features resemble someone you know, and you immediately feel comfortable upon the first meeting.

The Lover’s card invites you to get clear about your values and beliefs and to practice being vulnerable. Your soulmate will be an open book, and for you to be equally as open and willing will help you to experience them fully and invite love in. Authenticity, willingness, and belief will be driving factors in your meeting.