The Judgement

The Judgement card tells me that you are hard on yourself, and perhaps a recent relationship has fueled your inner critic. It’s time to stop making every problem between you and your partner entirely your responsibility. It takes two hands to clap and two to tango. If something broken needs fixing, it is both people’s responsibility. The problem with carrying all of the burdens so much of the time is that you start to think that a failing relationship is all your fault.

Your one true love will indirectly heal you and boost your confidence needs–the ultimate hype man. Unfortunately, if things don’t change, you will continue to attract partners who require a lot of work. It seems to be your nature to fix others; thus, you call a lot of broken people into your life.

The image on the Judgement card depicts a great awakening. This tells me that relationships have been a source of rebirth for you. You have lost and found yourself by means of falling in and out of love. Relationships are major milestones in your life.

You may believe the value you hold in someone’s life is measured by how much you can improve it. But again, that’s not your job. You are what you bring to the table. Your natural ability to therapize, help, or heal isn’t the energy you want to use to attract love. Even without these gifts, you are loveable and worthy.

It is healthier for you to seek a stable, self-driven partner to be your equal counterpart. This will be a person who knows themselves well and has been through quite a bit in life and learned the lessons. They are not lost, broken, or insecure and provide you with plenty of security and validation.

This type of person will intimidate you at first because you won’t understand your role in the relationship. For this reason, it can be tricky for you to spot your soulmate as they’re very different from what you typically go for. But if you can trust them and trust the process, it will be clear that your singular role as a partner is to love and to be loved.