The High Priestess

Your soulmate is spiritually inclined, confident but reserved, and when they are in love–they commit fully. Your person knows what they want but go about getting it in a calm way. They are smart, kind, and will teach you all sorts of things about life, love, and the world.

This also tells me you aren’t attracted to the typical person. There have to be stand-out, distinct qualities that allure you.

I can see that the relationships with your soulmate will feel very different from what you have ever experienced. Don’t let their unique personality intimidate you, they are incredibly loving but discerning with who they let in. Fortunately, souls recognize each other and it won’t take long for them to spot the counterpart they find in you.

Your soulmate is likely a Water sign with Air sign placements. They feel deeply, enjoy challenging conversations and will stimulate you mentally and emotionally. Your first impression of them is that they are smart and kind.

When destiny aligns, there will be no way to stop the momentum. Even if you two tried to stay away from each other you would keep running into each other at a store, cafe, or Library. I sense that your soulmate will share the same neighborhood, city, or hotspots as you. The proximity is close.

The High Priestess tells me your soulmate is tall with a noticeable stature. While their personality isn’t necessarily big and bold, people still can’t help but notice them when they walk into a room. Their energetic presence cannot be ignored.

Their mysterious essence will intrigue you. But once the connection is made they become an open book. You are the one they want to share their hidden desires with. You two will trust each other immensely and take good care of each other’s mental and spiritual wellbeing.

I sense that your soulmate has been waiting for you for quite some time. They will be close to giving up by the time you meet, but you will evoke inspiration and a restored belief in love.

Time is of the essence, and it is important that you keep your heart and eyes peeled.