The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is all about waiting. Finding peace in being alone has been a struggle, but it seems worth the wait to you than settling for the wrong person. The Hanged Man can also indicate indecision and resistance. You may have had someone waiting for you but stalled and lost the opportunity. Or you waited around for someone only for them to tell you they’re not ready. The right person would never treat you like an option, so it’s a good thing they saved you much worse heartache by walking away.

It seems there is always someone more handsome, more affluent, or more romantic waiting out there that the person in front of you could never compare to. But it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t fall in love if you gave them a proper chance. You tend to be dissatisfied or get bored. This is unfair to the person who is right in front of you giving their all. Push past these feelings. But if they linger for too long, it’s only right to walk away.

The Hanged man urges you to see love from a new perspective. Alternatively, you may have had an experience that has permanently altered how you perceive love and relationships. In which case, you may have fear-based ideas that are hidden under the guise of “waiting for the one”.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and go the distance for love. Your soulmate needs you to be brave in order to find them. The biggest thing standing in the way of your love life is you. Rather than sift and sort between potential partners like a catalog, take time to get to know really know someone before deciding whether it’s worth pursuing.

The Hanged Man represents a pause, this tells me you haven’t felt true love in quite some time, or perhaps ever. There are messages here from the universe that you no longer have the time to ignore. It’s time to allow opportunities to love and be loved into your life. No more waiting. Take action and discover your soulmate now and spend a lifetime enjoying your long-awaited romance.