The Empress – Placements Correction

When you find your soulmate, they will put you first without hesitation. The Empress is divine, confident, and serene. She represents beauty, abundance, nurturing, and motherhood. This could indicate that your soulmate wants a family with you or will inspire you to create new ideas. They will be your muse, and you will be theirs.

Your soulmate is a gentle person with manners and treats you like royalty. They speak your love language, enjoy simple things in life, and put spending time with you above all else. They are emotionally and financially stable but also encourage you to be independent while also being supported by them. The relationship feels wholesome and sweet.

I sense that your person is %signplacements%. Your attraction starts with friendly chemistry and will grow every time you’re around each other. Your dream partner is not interested in rushing.

When you become fortunate enough to cross paths with your soulmate, they will make you feel safe and at ease. There is a simplicity in their energy that makes you feel calm and secure. You can’t help but want to spend more and more time around them. But there isn’t a feeling of rush, fear, or insecurity. It’s as if you both subconsciously already know you have a lifetime together, so it’s okay to take your time.

The Empress reflects grounded energy that enjoys nature. You may even meet your soulmate while outside on a hike, at the beach, or on a nature walk. Together you will both enjoy the outdoors and go on many mini-adventures, daytime picnics, and enjoy basking in the sun and bathing in natural bodies of water.

Referred to as the Mother Earth archetype, The Empress tells me that you are a powerful manifestor. I can sense that when you are spiritually aligned, you can use the law of attraction to get whatever you want. And above all else, you want to love and be loved.

The Empress invites you to meditate and visualize receiving a gift. If you struggle to receive, now is the time to practice by opening your heart and keeping your eyes peeled for a miracle. And once it presents itself, the power is in your hands. Your soulmate is on the way and it’s up to you to reach out and grab the fleeting opportunity to experience the relationship of your dreams.

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