The Chariot

Wow! Your soulmate is determined to find you. The Chariot indicates speed and a very heart-driven individual. I can see that they are well-grounded, successful, financially stable, and possess an impressive amount of willpower.

The Chariot also indicates a sturdy stature, full lips, and wholesome, attractive looks. They also dress very well. Your soulmate has had an eventful life and may have collected many awards. They’ve certainly been recognized for their achievements possibly in the military, performing arts, or sports. They work hard but have remained incredibly humble.

Trust is very important to your soulmate. They value the trust you have in them and are sure not to break it. They also find it important that you keep your word to each other. Your values and beliefs are what will bring you and your soulmate together. It is also important that you know what you want. Though they are patient, your partner appreciates discernment and commitment.

The Chariot invites you to take the time to know yourself and identify and embrace what you want in life and out of love and be willing to take the necessary steps to get it. Passive energy will not attract your soulmate. Be proactive and stay true to yourself. The Chariot is a sign of determination, focus, and conviction and encourages you to conquer any negative emotions and demands you overcome the pain of your past.

Uniting with your soulmate will feel like you’ve found the kind of relationship you’ve waited a lifetime for, but you will still have to battle with your own hesitations. These insecurities may tell you that it’s too good to be true, but the Chariot will be quick to prove you wrong. Your soulmate is steadfast, consistent, and reliable and will undoubtedly win your heart over. 

What step toward your loyal love will you take next? They can cross the world to get to you, can you commit to the same passionate action? The Chariot urges you not to way. Destiny is calling and it’s time for you to answer!