Taurus (New)

As you may or may not know, {FIRSTNAME}, your sign is ruled by the planet Venus! 

Venus is the planet of love and relationships itself, so it’s no wonder that you’re dedicating yourself to seeking your soulmate.

You may find that you are a better person when you’re in a partnership, {FIRSTNAME}. So it’s only natural that you’re always striving to be in one!

However, not just any relationship will do for you. You desire to be cherished, appreciated, almost worshiped for who you are. 

Your soulmate will provide you with all of this and more. After all, you deserve all of these things.

You know that feeling when you meet someone and you just click, {FIRSTNAME}? You automatically feel comfortable around them, and feel free to be yourself? This is what’s in store for you as you seek that one special person.

In your quest to find that person, you may find that you’ve brought people into your life who don’t have your best interests at heart. They may use you for their own gain rather than lift you up, {FIRSTNAME}.

This doesn’t work for you, especially when it comes to financial and material gains. You value your treasures and expect others to respect that.

Now that you have a better idea of what it is you want, based on your personality, you can become a better match for it, {FIRSTNAME}.

You have all of the love in the world to give – you just need to find a recipient for all of that love.

It may be difficult for you at times to differentiate between romantic love and platonic connections. That’s okay, {FIRSTNAME}! Just make sure you’re not projecting, and that you’re respecting boundaries in your quest to find your soulmate.

Keep in mind that your inherent nature can sometimes include traits such as selfishness and stubbornness. Don’t stay there, or you’ll shoo everyone else away.

Togetherness is the name of the game for you, and you can’t wait to share your life with that special person.

But only if…

  1. You don’t compromise your morals and values in pursuit of another person.
  2. You reach for the gold ring and don’t accept anything less.
  1. You respect boundaries while cherishing all of your intimate connections.

It is only then that you will attract into your life the person that you’re meant to be with.