Tarot – Sagittarius

Love and relationships are just a few of the many adventures you seek in life. Though it hasn’t been hard for you to find, it’s felt impossible for you to keep and maintain happiness within a relationship. You are ruled by the planet Jupiter, making you expansive, open-minded, and deeply interested in people. You become curious about how others think and are easy to connect with. However, once you feel you have a person figured out (whether you’re wrong or right about them), you tend to lose interest and it’s onto the next great mystery.

Your perfect person is filled with intricacies that you could explore endlessly. They have seen and done many things and like you, are on the hunt for the perfect adventure buddy to tackle life with. They can keep up and might even give you a run for your money.

Though you share many similar qualities with your soulmate, they also do a superb job at balancing you out. They can help ground your flighty nature and teach the importance of working hard to sustain a healthy relationship.

I sense that your soulmate has a blend of Fire, Earth, and Air placements. They are flexible, adaptable, and just enough wild for your taste. They are a planner and become the action behind your whimsical ideas. You say where you want to go and they’re ready to book the tickets and organize the itinerary. Even if you aren’t physically going somewhere, your soulmate explores ideas with you and the two of you share passionate, intellectual, and challenging conversations that stimulate your mind.

Your soulmate may be experienced, but when they cross your path they can’t help but feel that you are one of a kind. They’ll waste no time in winning you over and their forthright nature is a turn-on to you. Your perfect partner exudes a romance that is unfamiliar to you but you can’t help but appreciate their effort.

It’s important that you are with someone who doesn’t make you feel like you’re too much. Too dramatic. Too demanding. Too passionate. Fortunately, your soulmate is inspired by your zest for life. You offer them the energy they’re lacking and they offer you the stability that you need.

When you fall in love with your soulmate, fear and doubt might creep in. And when they do, instead of running away and ghosting your one true love, talk to them. Communicate how afraid you are of heartbreak. Let them prove their worthiness and reliability. It may just be the most important thing you do for your love life.