Tarot – Libra

There isn’t a zodiac sign that loves quite like you. Libra represents balance, partnership, and within the zodiac wheel, Libra is the symbol for marriage and lifelong relationships. You are the ideal partner but it’s also critical for you and your relationships that you maintain your own identity and personal life. The Libra constellation looks like scales, a pair, an equal weight on each end. Unlike other signs, you are actually better in life when you are in a relationship.

You are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, luxury, and pleasure, making you quite indulgent in relationships. You like to spoil and be spoiled. Be careful not to love bomb someone too soon. Take your time.

Since you love the idea of love so much, you’ve probably had relationships with all types of people with no set idea of a “type”. This does make you an open person and easy to connect with, but not knowing what’s best for you and who is more compatible results in a lot of wasted effort on your part. The hopeless romantic in you works hard to make relationships work long after they’ve died.

Incredibly loyal and loveable, your soulmate appreciates your persistence but will work just as hard as you to protect the connection. They’ll never take advantage of your efforts and always reciprocate the devotion.

I sense that your soulmate is an Air sign with a mix of Earth, Fire, and Water placements. They are passionate but practical, emotional, yet rational. They are the epitome of balance and you can’t get enough of them. Your soulmate is someone you admire and look up to. They possess qualities that you’d like to inherit. You are their source of joy, peace, and fun and there’s never a dull moment between you two. Your soulmate is subtly stylish. They don’t seek attention but everyone can’t help but make a double-take when they pass by. Despite how adorable they are, they won’t hesitate to share that they are yours with the world.

You enjoy long, intellectual debates one minute, then a spontaneous road trip to taste new cuisines the next! Your dating life is filled with the perfect combination of fabulous luxury, and chill at-home nights eating takeout and watching horror films. Naturally, you’ll both just be judging the acting and wardrobe.

Your soulmate chooses you above all else and feels like your best friend. But you’ll have to work on your tendency to cling and become codependent. It’s important that you both maintain your personal lives. Remember, balance is the name of the game. When you are with the one, you have a lifetime to shower them with love.