Tarot – Leo

When you’re in love it is hard to hide because it will be all over your face. You need a partner who is crazy about you because you’ll be just as obsessed with them. You demonstrate fierce loyalty and demand the same in return.

Your soulmate will take your breath away. They know how to shine without consuming your spotlight and you’ll be their biggest fan. Beyond their dazzling first impression, your perfect person impresses you regularly. It’ll be hard to tell whether it’s because you’re madly in love or if they are that spectacular. It won’t matter, though, because they are happy and uplift you every time they’re around.

You put a lot of pressure on yourself to earn enough money, to make your family proud, impress your peers, and it’s important to you that you are a top-performer in all that you do. This kind of self-induced stress can be felt in your romantic relationship and cause tension. It’s important for you to separate your inner conflicts from your partner so that they can remain a source of joy and ease for you. 

Practice self-care before coming home from work so you can be clear-minded. Life isn’t about material gain or recognition, it’s about love. And when you’re with your soulmate, you’ll be coming home to love each and every day. One thing you’ll admire about your soulmate is how eloquently they cope with stress.

I sense that your soulmate is an Air sign with Water placements. But Fire placements are also compatible with you although will require more effort on your part.

You are ruled by the Sun, the hottest planet. This can cause temper issues that lead to you saying things you don’t mean. And though your soulmate has a naturally patient and forgiving nature, too many explosions can degrade the relationship. Work on sorting your thoughts before you open a discussion with the love of your life.

Even when you do air your grievances, your soulmate is fiercely loyal and supportive and goes out of their way to lighten the load on your shoulders. You’ll recognize instantly that they are the missing piece in your life and won’t hesitate to make a lifelong commitment. 

Your soulmate is proud of all you do and impressed by your dedication to many aspects of your life, including your career, family, and friends. They aren’t the type to get jealous or stand in your way. They have their own things going on in life and are an equally contributing partner.

Trust is important to both of you, so you may find them going out of their way to prove they mean what they say, and they follow words with action. It’s important that you recognize these efforts and reciprocate them. 

A life with your soulmate feels full of purpose. It’s as if everything has more meaning. They light the fire in your heart and have no trouble keeping the flame burning bright.