Tarot – Capricorn

You have an unconventional approach to love and relationships, making your type very distinct. Unlike many other zodiac signs, you tend to know what you want. But that doesn’t mean you always get it. It can be challenging for others to tell when you’ve fallen for someone with a tendency to be more logical and less expressive.

You possess an inner-critic that can talk you out of love in a matter of minutes. You don’t have time. You’re not ready. They’re not the one. Your mind runs through a checklist of reasons not to commit, leaving your heart lonely and unfulfilled.

You are on top of most things you do in life. It is important for your happiness that you approach love with the same go-getter mentality. All the seemingly logical excuses you present yourself with are actually fear-based emotional blocks.

Your soulmate is going to work hard to break down your emotional walls. Once they get even a glimpse of your vulnerability they’ll thirst for it. Fortunately, you won’t deprive them for too long because the effort you see impresses you. Some may mark you as emotionless and cold but you’re just silently calculating and measuring risk. The thing about love is that you’ll have to lead with your heart. Try things you’ve never done. And be willing to risk it all because the reward far outweighs everything else.

I sense that your soulmate is also an Earth sign with Earth and Fire sign placements. They are the perfect blend of stability and consistency but possess unique qualities that brighten your world with their passion and expression. This love will take you by surprise, so don’t let it shake you. You will feel flustered, scared, and somewhat out of control. Don’t panic. That’s called falling in love.

You are not difficult to love. It’s important to erase what the wrong people have told you about yourself. Their words still linger in your head and weigh you down. Your soulmate sees you for who you truly are and despite your efforts, you won’t be able to convince them otherwise.