The Strength card depicts a woman gently holding open the mouth of a lion. This tells me you are passionate, but being passionate with the wrong people has led to loneliness and regret. You might have found yourself feeling trapped in an unsafe relationship.

You’ve lost a lot of energy and hope by giving your time and emotions to undeserving partners. It looks like you’ve had a few opportunities for a budding romance but soon into the relationship feelings changed suddenly and drastically.

Ultimately, the Strength card indicates just that–you have become strong. This is mostly a protective shield to keep you from getting hurt. But falling in love always has its risks. After all, it is better to love and lose than never to love at all!

Fortunately, if you are ready, you don’t have to experience failed relationship after failed relationship. Your loneliness can end when you become vulnerable again. The Strength card tells me you have been overprotective of yourself to a fault. In a relationship, it’s important that your partner feels needed and wanted. Sure, you could do everything on your own, but why would you want to? Trust that your soulmate is out there ready, willing, and enthused to take on some of the responsibility of making you happy.

It is time to find someone to rely on as much as you rely on yourself. There is much power in being emotionally raw and open. Allow people to get you to know you and be compassionate enough to get to know them.

You possess a strong balance of feminine and masculine energy–yin and yang. You have unlimited access to tap into these energies, but it is essential that the timing for which you express either is appropriate.

If it is a man you wish to attract, it is essential to share your divine feminine energy. This lets him feel and understand that there is a place in your heart for him–That he is needed and desired. When you become overly independent, you are telling the Universe you can do everything alone, which is strong but lonely. Instead, create balance so that you are self-sufficient but also capable of sharing your life with the right person.

Find your power in your ability to love boldly and fully. Not in your habit of guarding yourself. It is also important to note that short-term physical relationships will not fill your soul and can further discourage you from becoming vulnerable and prevent you from attracting your soulmate.