{FIRSTNAME}, you are ruled by the very last sign of the zodiac, Pisces!

Naturally, you are very healing. Just your very presence does this to people, even if you do not realize it. 

Even though you’re highly intuitive yourself, you can lack clarity and have a hard time making decisions. This may be attributed to your mutable, flowy nature — but I’m here to tell you that if you follow your heart and your own intuition, your future is very bright. 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to be grounded in this reality because there are much more dreamy, compassionate realms that make you feel good than the harsh reality that’ experienced here on Earth. 

I can tell that you would much rather be taking a nap or daydreaming, connecting to the astral realms that surround you — and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, your supernatural abilities are directly connected to the dream, spirit realm and supported by your modern planetary ruler, Neptune. 

Traditionally, your planetary ruler is Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and luck. Beautiful, bountiful blessings can easily make their way into your life if you tap into your natural state — which is dreamy, healing, and flowy. 

Now, I know that sounds confusing, but trust me — I can see your future! 

You need to value and trust yourself more, {FIRSTNAME}. Currently, you let too many people drain your energy without reciprocating. Some of the friends you have only use you for your healing presence, but never give you anything back. 

When you start recognizing your presence is something of value, you will begin to redirect your energy towards things and people that make you feel good. 

In the future, I can see you becoming a great healer of humanity and using your psychic abilities for good! Even though Neptune can blur the lines of reality a bit, when you move towards your intuition, everything will be taken care of! 

You’ll soon realize that clarity does not come from what you see right in front of you, but from what you feel. So don’t hide your sensitive nature and don’t start shrinking yourself or your dreams. 

Everything that you ever wanted is right on the other side of you taking your power back!