Leaping before thinking is a primary trait of the Fool card. Optimistic, adventurous, and ready for anything, the Fool’s approach to life and love is carefree and naive. Falling in love like this can lead to high expectations and unmet needs. It’s great to lead with your heart, but important that your head isn’t too far behind.

The Fool card represents a lack of preparation. Have you fallen head over heels for someone and been met with a rude awakening? You have a tendency to idealize love and partners. Rose-colored glasses cause you to fall in love with the version of someone you have in your head rather than who they actually are.

These tendencies also result in staying in a relationship long after it’s emotionally over. In an attempt to make it work, you set aside your needs and self-worth because you believe love conquers all. But if this optimism and dedication aren’t reciprocated–is it really love or an attachment? 

The Fool card can indicate experiences with people that led to gaslighting, falling in love with a narcissist, or pursuing someone who is emotionally unavailable. Financial pressure may have also resulted in you trying to make it work with someone you were supporting, or that was financially supporting you.

The Fool demonstrates an admirable trust in life. This is a trait you want to hold onto. But it’s important that your inner compass is working in your favor before you blindly follow it into another relationship. This tells me you need to strengthen your intuition and decide what it is you truly want.

You may have a tendency to stay with people simply because they like or love you, without regard to how you actually feel about them. Practice discernment and identify the qualities that are compatible with you. Though relationships are fun, they can be a great waste of time if you’re willing to date just anyone. Plus, your soulmate–the perfect partner for you, is still waiting!

Lessons you must learn to find love include being reflective and making sure your feelings are based on actual events shared with someone and not your imagination. You tend to be positive, and you deserve someone who reflects that positivity and doesn’t take advantage of it.

The Fool has been riding solo for a long time. This tells me you’ve been awaiting your soulmate for a while. It’s important that you don’t lose any more time wondering, wishing, and hoping. Take action that brings you closer to your soulmate and the relationship of your dreams.