Don’t worry! The Death card has nothing to do with dying. This is the card of transformation, rebirth, and endings. It signifies a pessimistic or fear-based approach to love and relationships.

This tells me of internal suffering that you carry with you making it hard to notice the love that’s right in front of you. It’s possible that you’ve been hurt so many times that when you do find someone, you anticipate the end–the death of the relationship. 

Finding someone you can fully trust might feel impossible. But it’s not. Unfortunately, we tend to attract that which we believe. This is the law of attraction. So if your dominant beliefs are that love always ends, then you will continuously fall for people who you’re bound to leave or will leave you.

These beliefs may stem from painful experiences like heartbreak or bad memories of people you care about ending their relationship; whatever causes you to live with this fear has put a cloud over potential happy endings. You may even be coming off of your biggest heartache and need a safe and stable person to be there to help you piece yourself back together.

The Death card is telling you to commit to a healthier relationship with yourself so that you can manifest a healthy and happy relationship with another. It speaks to the need to transform how you approach new connections altogether. There is a strong need for optimism in your love life. It’s time to regain hope.

Practice leading with the realistic possibility of finding your forever person. To energetically manifest your soulmate, you must believe that they are out there, waiting for you to believe in them. The Death card can also indicate a fear of commitment. So even when you do have the perfect partner, you hesitate to seal the deal and let them slip away.

Naturally, this is followed by an immense amount of guilt—another cloud in your gloomy sky. The Death card invites you to purge the pain that you carry and practice emotional cleansing. It is okay to be prepared for the worst, but it’s not healthy for your love life to always anticipate it.

Cut emotional ties with all the painful memories that have taught you that love requires suffering because it doesn’t. And when you finally meet your soulmate, you will understand that it was all worth it. Every failed attempt brought you closer to the one you’re meant to be with.

Let go of any unhealthy attachments that linger. Any toxic exes you still talk to have to go. You are here now because you know that you want and deserve more from your relationships. But the first step starts with releasing all the previous ones that didn’t work because you weren’t with your soulmate.